Please be aware that our Sunday Open Days are now ticketed events. You must register by booking tickets and providing the required details.

We are an active operational air base, and therefore security checks must be conducted. We are actively trying to reduce the waiting time where possible, however there may be some unexpected delays.

Each adult (16 years old and over) is required to bring the photo ID that they entered the details of when registering for a ticket. If you turn up without the correct photo ID, we unfortunately won’t be able to let you on to the base. Approved forms of ID are:

  • Australian Drivers Licence
  • Proof Of Age Card
  • Passport (This type of ID must be used for international visitors)
  • Companion Card
  • Secondary Student ID Card (ages 16-17 only with a Photo)
RAAF AAHC - Monthly Sunday Public Open Day - 18 Feb 24

Members who have Defence access passes are not required to register for a ticket. On the day please make your way to the heritage centre carpark. We do request that you sign in using the visitor register at the entrance of the first hangar.

RAAF Amberley Front Gate

You are required to be at the Main Gate of RAAF Base Amberley at the designated time slot you have booked in for so you can be issued a visitors pass to access the base.

The Main Gate is located on Southern Amberley Road, which is accessible off the Cunningham Highway. Check your GPS details to ensure it is directing you to the correct gate (if your GPS tries to direct you through Ipswich you are headed the wrong way!). Be aware, you will not be permitted access via any other entrance point except for the Main Gate.

Access to the base must be via a personal registered vehicle (car or motorcycle). There is no bus service to the heritage centre. Visitors are not permitted to use “ride share” vehicles or to walk to the Heritage Centre from the Main Gate.

Entry is free for everyone. If you enjoy your visit and would like to show your appreciation, you can choose to make a small donation when leaving.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Photography is prohibited whilst transiting between the main gate and the heritage centre.
  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the Centre precinct.
  • Trailers and caravans are not permitted on Base.
  • Working assistance dogs are accommodated (must bring documentation), however pets are not permitted on the Base.

Instructions For Registering!!

Visitors are required to register for a session time, which are limited to a set number of spots.

Due to the limited numbers, please only book if you are definitely available and will be attending. This is a free event, and by booking and not turning up, you are taking away the opportunity for others to visit our heritage centre.

If you do register and things change unexpectedly, please cancel your ticket via the link on your order confirmation email, or let us know directly via and we will make the update for you.

Tickets are unable to be sold or given to someone else as they are linked to the individual. Do not attempt to purchase tickets from those claiming to sell tickets, these are scams and you will be disappointed on the day.

  • You are to only book tickets once you have all the correct details for all members of your group.
  • Any bookings that have not been completed correctly will automatically be cancelled.
  • If your booking is cancelled, you are welcome to re-book with the correct details if tickets are still available.

How to complete ticket registration:

  • To avoid disappointment, please ensure you check that all fields have been completed as per the below instructions prior to submitting your booking.
  • Under “Contact Information“, enter the general contact details of the person making the booking.
  • If booking for multiple people of the same family, the same email address can be used for each ticket.
  • Under the individual “Ticket Registration” sections, you must enter the required details for each person that will be attending.
  • How to enter details for adults (those 16 years of age and over):
  • For the first and last name fields, the full name that is shown on the chosen Photo ID must be entered (do not use nicknames).
  • The contact number for each adult – this must be a unique number for each adult.
  • Select the most suitable photo ID for each individual that is being registered for a ticket.
    • For Australian photo IDs, type in the State that issued the ID.
    • Enter the Country if your photo ID is a Passport.
  • Enter the unique number of the Photo ID that is being used.
  • How to enter details for children (those 15 years of age and under):
  • Enter the first and last name of each child.
  • Copy the email address used in the “Contact Information” section.
  • Child tickets are not to be registered on their own, they must be accompanied with an Adult ticket booking.

Ticket Registration Closes Wed, 07 Feb 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

RAAF Base Amberley is an operational Air Base, and RAAF AAHC is located within the perimeter of the Base itself. RAAF Bases need to maintain a high level of security to ensure all assets on the base remain protected.

Any visitor requiring access to RAAF Base Amberley is required to provide identification details to enable them to be verified and issued a base visitor pass on the day.

As we have a large number of the public visiting the heritage centre during our open days than normal, we need to provide identification details to our base pass office prior to the event, and hence why we have a cut off time.

This also helps speed up the issuing of visitor passes on the day to enable the people who have registered tickets to gain access quickly and efficiently with minimal wait time.

We have set up our ticket registration for 30 minute time slots for arrival at the entry of the RAAF Base to enable the smooth flow of visitors being processed through the front gate.

Each visitor needs to be briefed on base security requirements and issued a visitors pass to enable them to access the base, which takes a small amount of time to complete for each person.

No. As we need to provide all visitor identification details to our Security Pass office prior to the Open Day, we do not allow people to turn up on the day. If you do turn up, you won’t be allowed access.

Please refer to the above questions for more information.

Once you have been issued your visitor pass and vehicle escorted up to the heritage centre itself, you are welcome to stay as long as you like, or at least until 3pm when we officially close and shut the hangar doors!

When you are finished your visit and would like to leave, we will have a vehicle waiting bay area within the carpark. We will then escort your vehicle back down to the main gate so you can exit the base.

As ticket registration requires personal identification information to be provided for base security purposes, tickets are not transferrable to others.

If you are unable to come along, please either cancel the tickets through EventBrite or send an email to

If you see anyone trying to “sell” tickets online, it is a scam and please ignore them (or report on social media).

RAAF AAHC - Monthly Sunday Public Open Day - 18 Feb 24

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Privacy Notice: The extra identifying data we request as part of the registration process is solely for the purpose of enabling the preloading of visitor passes by the RAAF Amberley security staff. Once an Open Day has been finalised, this data will be deleted from our EventBrite account which is the platform being used to manage the ticketing process. It will not be used for any other purposes.