Song Of The Beauforts


Byline: No 100 Squadron RAAF and Beaufort Bomber operations.
Author: Colin M. King
Cover: Soft
Published: 2008 (Second Edition)
ISBN: 9781920800246
Dewey Number: 940.544994

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This book records the exploits of the airmen of the first Australian Beaufort squadron in action in World War II. Developed as a torpedo and general reconnaissance bomber, the Beaufort was the heaviest, most powerful and most complex aircraft ever built in this country. It entered service with the Royal Australian Air Force at a time when Japanese invasion seems imminent.

As the tide of the war in the South-West Pacific turned from one mostly fought over the ocean to a land-based operation, the original squadron was joined by additional Beaufort units to form the RAAF’s No 71 Wing. Employing new methods of warfare, the Beaufort crews closely supported American and Australian ground forces.

Using participants’ own words to describe events, from the hazards of training to the fury of offensive operations, the author vividly brings to life the bravery of the aviators and the dedication and skill of the ground crews who operated Beauforts during the protracted campaign across the South-West Pacific.

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