Magpies In Vietnam


Byline: Canberra Bomber operations in Vietnam and the recovery of a lost crew thirty-nine years later.
Author: Doug Hurst
Published: 2012
ISBN: 9780987168511
Dewey Number: 959.7043394

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On 3 November 1970, an RAAF Canberra bomber disappeared without trace over South Vietnam. The fate of Magpie 91 and its crew – pilot Mike Herbet and navigator Bob Carver – remained a mystery for almost four decades. Then in 2009, an extraordinary search effort led to the discovery of the downed aircraft and the recovery and repatriation of the remains of both men, finally bringing an end half a life-time of uncertainty and speculation for their family and friends.

Magpies in Vietnam is wonderfully told and illustrated and is a tribute to a remarkable aircraft, the men of 2 Squadron RAAF and a dedicated group of veterans who bought closure to the story of Magpie 91.

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