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Iron Range Airbase


Byline: Carved in the Cape York Jungle, 1942-1945
Authors: Michael D. Musumeci
Cover: Hard
Pages: 418
Published: 2008
ISBN: 9780980475302
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When stationed at Lockhart River, on cape York, the author indulged his passion for the World War Two military history around Iron Range.

He has written of the events of 1942-1945, based on what he found in the area, documents and recollections of returning veterans.

The book is enriched by the first-hand-accounts of Australians and Americans who served at the airfields at Iron Range. Their words bring to light the drudge of living in such a spartan location, putting up with heat, humidity, insects and snakes.

Their many photographs graphically show the lifestyle and the tragedy they saw.

There were several dramatic crashes in the area and many brave men were killed.

The base was intensively for about six months before it became a backwater with transit airfields and service facilities.

Iron Range is a little-known location in the grand picture of the Pacific War and the author has given us a fine insight in to events of those years.

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