30,000 LT Tanker

The DAF 30K tanker was built in 1990, and saw over 25 years’ service. This low geared, high powered tanker was optimised for the short trips of an air force base, and rarely were seen on the highway. If you were unlucky enough to get stuck behind even an empty one, expect no more than an 80 kph (downhill with a following wind) trip. The normal fuel load of an F111 with two drop tanks was about 28,000 litres, we like to have visitors image that tank load of fuel in the F111 on display.

14,000 LT Tanker

The “Twin Steer” tanker built in 1985, saw over 30 years’ service. This tanker has a smaller load, and along with a variety of refuelling techniques including an air suspended boom, was very flexible. It would refuel helicopters, Caribou, Macchi, etc. The RAAF tanker was slightly smaller than the civilian 15,000 lt tankers in order to make them transportable by C130.