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Aermacchi MB-326H/CAC CA30

The RAAF’s first Macchi flew in Italy during April 1967. The aircraft was then shipped to Australia and handed over to Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) in October 1968. Production continued until September 1972 when the last aircraft was delivered.

Macchis were used for advanced pilot and lead-in-fighter training.

In 1989, the Pilatus PC-9 replaced Macchi aircraft for advanced pilot training. All remaining Macchi aircraft were then transferred to the lead-in-fighter training role, serving with Nos 25, 76 and 79 Squadrons until replaced by the BAE Hawk 127 in 2000.

Between 1970 and 1989, the RAAF’s aerobatic team, The Roulettes, performed their display routine flying Macchi aircraft.

The following RAAF units operated the aircraft:

  • 25 Squadron
  • 76 Squadron
  • 77 Squadron
  • 79 Squadron
  • 2 Operational Conversion Unit
  • 5 Operational Training Unit
  • 2 Flying Training School
  • Aircraft Development Unit
  • Central Flying School

About Macchi A7-047

30 April 1969 First flight.
26 May 1969 Delivered to RAAF.
1969 - 1987 Flown with:

  • Aircraft Development Unit (ARDU)
  • No 2 Flying Training School (2FTS)
  • 76SQN
April 1987 Assigned to Chief of Air Staff.
1999-2013 Training Aid - RAAF School of Technical Training (RSTT) Wagga Wagga, NSW
29 Mar 2014 Arrived at RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre.


Type: Jet Trainer

Crew: 2

Manufacturer: Aermacchi, Italy. Built by Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation (CAC) under licence in Melbourne, Australia

Powerplant: Bristol Siddeley Viper Mk.11 turbojet (Thrust 2 500 lb)

Wing Span: 10.56 m (34ft 8in)
Length: 10.65 m (34ft 11¼in)
Height: 3.72 m (12ft 2½in)

Empty: 2 237 kg kg (4 930 lb)
Total: 3 765 kg kg (8 300 lb)

Maximum Speed: 806 km/hr (501 mph)
Stall Speed: 146 km/hr (91 mph)
Initial Climb Rate: 22.3 m/s (16 300 ft/min)
Service Ceiling: 12 500 m (41 000 ft)
Range: 1 665 km (1 035 mi)

Guns: 2 × 12.7 mm Browning machine guns provision in underwing pods
Bombs: Up to 2000 lb (900 kg) of weapons on six hardpoints, including gun-pods, bombs, and rockets

Fuel Capacity:
Total: 1 000 Lt (220 gallon; 1 760 lb)
Tip Tanks: 2 x 142 lt (31.25 gallon; 250 lb)

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