Public Open Days

Public Open Days are always free of charge and occur on the third Sunday of each month, February - November, except public holidays, 9am - 3pm. Base access ceases at 2:30pm.

For entry to the RAAF Base, bring your family, friends, a completed Public Open Day Application form per vehicle and photo ID. You can fill in your downloaded form opened in Adobe Acrobat for your convenience. Forms for manual completion are also available at the entrance, on the day.

Public Open Day queues can sometimes be long, the easiest and fastest way to access the Base on our open days is to have with you a completed application ready to go and on hand. Please take the time to read the included information on the form to help your visit be enjoyable to you.

Pets, trailers and caravans are not permitted on Base. Smoking is not permitted within the Heritage Centre precinct.

If you belong to a Special Interest Group and would like to participate in one of our Public Open Days with a static display please contact us!

Next Public Open Day: 21 MAY 2017

Upcoming Public Open Days:

2017 2018
MAY - Sunday 21st
JUNE - Sunday 18th
JULY - Sunday 16th
AUGUST - Sunday 20th
SEPTEMBER - Sunday 17th
OCTOBER - Sunday 15th
NOVEMBER - Sunday 19th
FEBRUARY - Sunday 18th
MARCH - Sunday 18th
APRIL - Sunday 15th
MAY - Sunday 20th
JUNE - Sunday 17th
JULY - Sunday 15th
AUGUST - Sunday 19th
SEPTEMBER - Sunday 16th
OCTOBER - Sunday 21st
NOVEMBER - Sunday 18th



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