Blériot XI

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Blériot XI Artist's Rendition

The RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre is home to a superb Blériot XI Artist's Rendition.

The Centre has chosen to display this artist's rendition to illustrate how airplanes have advanced so far over the past century.

The Blériot XI aircraft was used by Louis Blériot on 25 July 1909 to make the first flight across the English Channel.

This achievement is one of the most famous accomplishments of the early years of aviation.

Blériot’s efforts are recognised as historic.

The aircraft was produced in both single and two-seat versions, powered by a number of different engines. It was widely used for competition and training purposes.

Many countries bought military versions of the Blériot.

The Blériot XI Artist's Rendition at the RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre was built by Mr Peter Sledge.

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