Completed paintwork on Canberra Bomber A84-242 located at the Amberley Heritage Centre.

The first flight of A84-242 took place on 6 June 1957 with delivery to the RAAF on 16 August 1957.

The aircraft served with No.2 Squadron in the Malayan Emergency and took part in the first jet bombing mission of the emergency on 3 September 1958.

A84-242 again served with 2SQN, this time in Vietnam as part of the US Air Force 35th Tactical Fighter Wing.

The aircraft arrived at Phan Rang Air Base on 16 April 1967 and returned home to RAAF Amberley on 4 June 1971.

From 12 August the aircraft was used as a fire fighting training aid, sprayed with foam but fortunately not set alight.

In December 2007 A84-242 was allocated to the Amberley Restoration Hangar.

Having completed external restoration in 2013, A84-242 has now taken its place in the RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre Display Hangar as a fine dedication to the personnel who flew and maintained this aircraft during its active RAAF service.

A84-242 is now undergoing further restoration of the aircraft internals to return it to its Vietnam era livery. While still on public display, visitors can see the work being undertaken to complete the restoration.

A84-125 is also on display.