About us

The RAAF Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre is a must-see attraction for those visiting south-east Queensland, especially if interested in military aviation history.

Opened 05 June 2011, the Heritage Centre has a range of displays, including a World War II Boston Bomber, courtesy of the Papua New Guinea Government, a Vietnam-era Canberra bomber, Caribou airlifter, Sabre and Mirage fighter jets, F-111s, a Pilatus Porter, Sioux and Iroquois helicopters, and even an immaculate WWII Jeep.

The Heritage Centre is housed in four hangars and will grow as more aircraft and artifacts are restored, loaned or donated for display.

Our Mission and Vision

The Mission of the RAAFAAHC is to professionally showcase:

  • the history of the RAAF,
  • the history of aviation at RAAF Amberley and the RAAF in South East Queensland in war and peace time,
  • the role of RAAF Base Amberley in providing air power to the Nation, and,
  • the special relationship between the base and the local community.

The Vision for the RAAFAAHC is to provide a professional display of relevant heritage items which reflect and enhance the links between RAAF Base Amberley and the South-East Queensland community.

Donating to our collection - Thank you for considering us as a recipient for your items!

It is important we adhere to our collections policy, and must be selective about what items we can accept into our keeping. Before we proceed, please email us with as much information as possible to assist us in determining the value of your item/s to the RAAF Base Amberley Aviation Heritage Centre. Our senior curators
will review this preliminary information and get back to you if they are interested in finding out more.

We do not accept donations that have not been reviewed via our selection processes, and officially approved by our collections manager for acceptance into our collection.

We do not accept and can not take responsibility for artefacts that are brought to the museum without an appointment, or unsolicited through the mail.

Please do not bring or send us items prior to contact with us.

If you have an item or artefact that may be of interest to us, that you wish to donate, please email us at RAAF.AAHC@defence.gov.au with your name, address, preferred contact number, number of items, a brief description of them and their relevance to us, and any photos or further information you may have available. If we believe your items can enhance our collection and displays, we will be in touch in due course.

Note to aircraft parts and components collectors

You may have or know of someone with older aircraft parts and components to donate to our ongoing aircraft restoration projects. While it is vitally important these parts undergo assessment and quarantine prior to acceptance into our collection and aircraft, we would love to hear from you!

Please do not bring or send us items prior to contact with us.


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